The Alexander Technique

… the art of living in the moment


When I started teaching the Alexander Technique I began to realise that although I was showing people a balanced way of sitting, they were often causing themselves pain and tension by sitting at badly set-up workstations. Monitors were at awkward heights and angles, and chairs were at the wrong height or with a wrongly adjusted back rest.

I decided to find out more, and in 2001 I gained a qualification in Ergonomics from the European Institute for Health & Medical Science.

I now give combined Alexander/ergonomic advice in the workplace, to groups and individuals – lifting skills, how to sit well at a well set-up workstation etc.

It is your employer’s legal duty to have your workstation set up for you as an individual, and to give you advice and training on how to use it efficiently.

Peter Nobes
Alexander Technique teacher
London SE1
020 7928 6378