The Alexander Technique

… the art of living in the moment

Quotes on Alexander and...


“I am not running, I am just moving quickly.”
Gina S. – Lawyer

…back pain

“The Alexander Technique has helped reduce my back pain. I finish a lesson and feel more mobile and free. My focus is lighter and more peripheral. I feel more agile, thinking less and staying in the moment.”
Francesca W. – Language student

…shoulder pain

“After only 3 sessions with Peter, the chronic shoulder pain which I have suffered for the past 8 years has virtually disappeared. I’m looking forward to learning more about the Alexander Technique and a better way of life.”
Angela H. – Operations Manager


“Just played football. Was player of the tournament. Even the Ref applauded as I rattled in the goals. Was a beautiful thing. Are you sure you’re not undercharging?”

Andy J. – Editor


“Alexander teaches you the focus to do each thing in turn and the space to do it in the best possible way”

“Meditation translated into motion and everyday life – control through living each moment as it comes rather than everything as it comes through your mind.”

Harriet B – Lawyer


“Lessons with Peter have helped me to live more in the present moment, to be less caught up with worries and concerns, to choose how to respond rather than react on stressed-out autopilot. I am more aware of how my body holds, responds to and communicates my emotions – stress, tension, anxiety – and even if those feelings are still there, Alexander helps me to make different choices about how to repsond. It’s helped with my running and exercise & it informs how I cope with my work. Lessons seem so simple on one level yet coming out of a lesson I usually feel taller, calmer and freer. Peter’s approach is to work as much with thinking patterns and attitudes as he does with the mechanics of the body, so it can apply to many of life’s complexities. Peter teaches a clear, real and practical means by which ideas very similar to mindfulness/Zen can free up living.‎”

Clare S. – Clinical Psychologist


“Golf – There is a simple end to be gained: putting a white ball in a hole.
The means to achieve this, is you and a few clubs, but it’s the you (mind and body) that messes it all up.

The AT allows me to inhibit my normal response: focusing on the ball and thus building up unnecessary tension before i have even swung. By inhibiting, I am then curbing my natural desire to “hit” the cover off the ball; and thus my means becomes a golf swing and not a golf hit!”

Jason N. – Businessman


“I have found the Alexander Technique and Peter Nobes in particular, amazingly helpful to my acting. One is often told to “be in the moment” and sometimes we know what that means and sometimes maybe we don’t and in any case we don’t always know how to get there. Peter’s way of teaching the Alexander Technique brings me to a state of presence and “in the moment-ness” that is more deep and palpable than I had ever fully experienced before. He challenges one to stay present in a positive and energizing way. Peter can also help actors (or any performer/speaker) learn how to fill a space without straining.”

Alice Anne E. – Actress, New York

Peter Nobes
Alexander Technique teacher
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