The Alexander Technique

… the art of living in the moment

Who can benefit

Anyone can benefit. Most people initially come for one of three reasons: they’re stressed, they have RSI or back pain, or they want to improve their posture. They’re surprised to find that I don’t address any of these: I teach them a lighter and easier way of being upright, moving and interacting with the world. As they learn to apply this they learn to deal with the stress, and the pain and posture improve. This lighter and easier way of interacting with the world can be applied to every activity:

  • everyday activities like walking, standing and sitting, communicating
  • work activities like lifting boxes, using a computer, making presentations
  • specialised activities such as singing, playing a musical instrument, dancing, casting a trout fly

Peter Nobes
Alexander Technique teacher
London SE1
020 7928 6378