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Star Quality and Stage Presence - Alexander for performers.

'I can immediately tell the difference between actors who have studied the Alexander Technique, and those who haven’t'
Sam Mendes

  • Bring your instrument or your voice, your script or monologue, or your dance routine.

  • Or bring your problems: your back pain; your RSI; your stress or existential angst; or even your "poor posture."

  • Or just bring your curiosity, your open mind and your sense of humour.

‘I have found the Alexander Technique and Peter Nobes in particular, amazingly helpful to my acting. Peter’s way of teaching the Alexander Technique brings me into a state of presence and “in the moment-ness” that is more deep and palpable than I had ever fully experienced before.

He challenges one to stay present in a positive and energising way.

Peter can also help actors learn how to fill a space without straining.’

Alice Anne E. – actor, New York.


Vanya M. - Drama student.

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