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Mind/body unity, living in the here-and-now.

I wrote in my book "...the Alexander Technique is not about being more mindful of your body, or ‘getting back in touch with your body’, because you ARE your body. It’s about mind/body unity, about being your authentic self, living in the here-and-now."

The second sentence "It’s about mind/body unity, about being your authentic self, living in the here-and-now" has been highlighted a number of times in the Kindle edition. FM Alexander said that we gain our ends - achieve our goals - without thinking about the process; without paying attention to HOW we gain them. He said we would be better off attending to the means whereby we gain our ends. So we have two concepts: "end-gaining", and the "means-whereby." When we are end-gaining we are trying to be somewhere we are not. Or somewhen that we're not. Or someone that we're not. So the means whereby involves choosing to be who we are, where we are now. Our authentic selves, living in the here-and-now. These two videos will, I hope, make it clear.

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