The Alexander Technique -
Three-dimensional mindfulness.

Well known for its help with posture and back pain, the Alexander Technique is essentially about being mindful and making new conscious choices about how we do things.

Will it help your back pain? Yes – the Alexander Technique is probably the most effective thing there is.

And posture? Yes, but instead of tightening, squeezing and pulling yourself into shape, or strengthening fictitious “core muscles”, you’ll find out how to get back the lightness, balance, liveliness, litheness, buoyancy, effortlessness, movability, energy, flexibility, fluidity and grace you had when you were six.

It’ll teach you how to be more conscious – more mindful - and how to get off autopilot and make changes.

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I'm Peter Nobes


I had my first experience of the Alexander Technique in 1989, and have been teaching it since 1993.  I am based in London UK and have taught the Alexander Technique in twelve countries on three continents.

I am the author of Mindfulness in 3D - the Alexander Technique for the 21st Century.

I teach Alexander in one-to-one lessons and in group classes, in Central and South East London.

I have been involved in training Alexander teachers since 2003 and started my own training school in 2013.

Alexander Technique in Spain
Alexander Technique in Spain

Teaching Alexander Technique inTokyo
Teaching Alexander Technique inTokyo

Alexander Technique with Mt Fuji
Alexander Technique with Mt Fuji

Alexander Technique in Spain
Alexander Technique in Spain

What are the benefits?
The well-known physical benefits include:

Relief from

  • Back pain

  • Neck pain

  • RSI

  • Stiffness

  • Stress


  • Posture

  • Breathing

  • Alignment

  • Coordination

  • Poise

  • Balance

  • Vitality

  • Energy

  • Flexibilty

  • Lightness

  • Effortlessness

  • Comfort

The lesser-known benefits include:
  • Increased confidence

  • Reduced stress

  • Improved performance and public speaking

  • Mindfulness

  • Expanded consciousness

  • Living in the here-and-now

  • Happiness

The Alexander Technique for back pain.
The Alexander Technique for back pain.

A study published in the British Medical Journal concluded that the Alexander Technique, coupled with walking, “...seems the most effective and cost effective option for the treatment of back pain...”
The Alexander Technique doesn’t actually treat back pain.  Most of your aches and pains are probably caused by how you do things. Alexander will show you how to be effortlessly upright, and to move more naturally; how to stop doing the things that cause the pain.

Watch my video for more information on how the Alexander Technique will help your back pain.
The Alexander Technique for posture.

The Alexander Technique has a reputation for being about posture, but Alexander teachers prefer to use the word “poise”. However, even that doesn’t adequately describe what Alexander is about: there isn’t a word for it.

The Alexander Technique will show you how to get back the light, balanced, lively, lithe, buoyant, effortless, movable, energetic, flexible, fluid, graceful, upright body you had when you were six. People who stand, sit and move like this come across well, and look confident and comfortable in their own skins. By the way, “core muscles” don’t exist.

Watch my video for more information on how the Alexander Technique will improve your posture - but not the way you think it will..
The Alexander Technique and expanded consciousness.

We tend to think of mind and body as separate things: I know people who do yoga for their bodies and mindfulness for their minds. But mind and body are one, so you can't change one without changing the other.
Most people come to Alexander for physical reasons and are then pleasantly surprised that they get mental benefits too.

Latest news...

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