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What is three-dimensional mindfulness?

F.M. Alexander discovered a powerful technique for bringing about profound physical and psychological change. By teaching how to be more conscious, and how to pause and think before acting, it allows people to take charge of their lives; to drop mental and physical habits and become their authentic selves in the here and now.

Alexander's Technique is essentially about being mindful and making new conscious choices about how we do things. Sadly, much of the Alexander world focuses on being mindful of, and making these new choices about, only our bodies, which is why it is best known for back pain and posture and not the mental and spiritual benefits.

With the Alexander Technique, you’ll find it’s possible to do almost anything – mind and body – without strain or effort, and do it better. You’ll get ease, freedom and aliveness you probably haven’t experienced since childhood – and look good too, and be happier. And find your new bodily freedom and more conscious mind is like life in three dimensions.

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I'm Peter Nobes


I am the author of Mindfulness in 3D - the Alexander Technique for the 21st Century.

I had my first experience of the Alexander Technique in 1989, and have been teaching it since 1993.  I am based in London UK and have taught the Alexander Technique in thirteen countries on three continents.

​I teach Alexander in one-to-one lessons and in group classes, in-person in Central and South East London, and on Zoom.

I have been involved in training Alexander teachers since 2003 and started my own training school in 2013.


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