My book - Mindfulness in 3D

"This is a wonderful little book that belongs on everyone's AT bookshelf"


Review in STATNews - the news magazine of the mainstream professional body.

Provocatively subtitled "Alexander Technique for the 21st Century", my book was published in early 2018. A second edition, with new content, was published in early 2020.
The publisher has described it as his "controversial best-seller."

Reviews by Alexander teachers:

"I highly recommend this book and encourage others to embrace this work. It will change your life! Thank you, Peter for sharing the essence of this practice!"

"Thank you Peter Nobes for this important contribution to the AT literature. We finally have a book that speaks the honest truth about what the Alexander Technique actually is. This book is a joy to read."

Mindfulness in 3D

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'Great book specially the last 2 chapters!  "Zen for people who go to the pub" - Funny, clever and fresh!'
Trainee Alexander teacher.


The start of Chapter One:

Everything is effortless. Standing is effortless. Running is effortless. Walking up stairs is effortless. Sitting upright at your desk is effortless. Right? It’s all so effortless you don’t even know you’ve got a body. Thinking is effortless too, and decision-making. And you’ve chosen the life you’re living, and you like your size and shape and the way you look. You’re happy.

If that isn’t how you live, and you would like it to be, maybe you should learn the Alexander Technique. 

Keynote Speech

In October 2016 I gave the Keynote Speech at the Annual Conference of my Professional Body - Alexander Technique International.

You can download a copy here, either in English or in French.