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My book - Mindfulness in 3D

"This is a wonderful little book that belongs on everyone's AT bookshelf"

Review in STATNews - the news magazine of the mainstream professional body.

Provocatively subtitled "Alexander Technique for the 21st Century", my book was published in early 2018. A second edition, with new content, was published in early 2020.

The publisher has described it as his "controversial best-seller."

Mindfulness in 3D
Reviews by Alexander teachers:

  • 'Thank you, Peter for sharing the essence of this practice!'I highly recommend this book and encourage others to embrace this work. It will change your life!

  • 'Thank you Peter Nobes for this important contribution to the AT literature. We finally have a book that speaks the honest truth about what the Alexander Technique actually is. This book is a joy to read.'

  • 'Great book specially the last 2 chapters!  "Zen for people who go to the pub" - Funny, clever and fresh!'


Read the preface to the new edition here:

In English.
In French.

Keynote Speech

In October 2016 I gave the Keynote Speech at the Annual Conference of my Professional Body - Alexander Technique International.

You can download a copy here, either in English or in French.

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