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“My work is an exercise in finding out what thinking is.”

F.M. Alexander


Most of our aches, pains and problems are caused by how we do things, and the ways we do things are mainly habitual. The Alexander Technique will get you thinking about how you do things, and will show you how to drop habits and start making constructive choices.

Becoming aware of how you do things and making new choices only works when you are conscious; when you are mindful. You can’t change when you are on ‘autopilot’ – change involves switching off autopilot and being more mindful. But the Alexander Technique is not about being more mindful of your body, or ‘getting back in touch with your body’, because you ARE your body. It’s about mind/body unity, about being your authentic self, living in the here-and-now.

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What was FM Alexander teaching?

Nobes's first law of Alexander.

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