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A new edition of Mindfulness in 3D has been published. It includes new material, including thoughts on why you shouldn't read 'how to do it' Alexander books.

'...you cannot learn the Alexander Technique from a book. Beware of books that say you can.'

You can get it from Amazon here, or through me.

More information about the book here.

I'm currently teaching Alexander in Valencia, Spain. There are also Yoga and swimming classes, and, in the evening, a thought-provoking philosophy lecture. Email me if you are interested in attending this event next year.


I just found this Daily Telgraph article from 2001.

Why do journalists always focus on 'posture' when they enquire about the Alexander Technique, and never ask about the 'mental' benefits?

'Peter Nobes gave me this advice: "Never tell Oliver to stand up straight, it will only make matters worse." The idea, he explained, is not to learn "shoulders back, tummy in" but to unlearn the bad habits that changed us from infants who moved effortlessly into adults - or 11-year-olds - who have lost that grace and ease.'

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Free introductory sessions for people living with Ankylosing Spondylitis.

More information here, or email me.

Two events in France this summer.

I’m teaching a two-day Professional Development Workshop for Alexander teachers, August 23rd and 24th. More information, in French, here.

Then we have our annual five-day residential, for everyone from complete beginners to experienced teachers. More information here.

Both these events are in Abzac, a town surrounded by vineyards, close to Bordeaux.


Author page on Amazon.

I've now got an Author Page on Amazon.
I'll be adding more information when the 2nd edition is published.

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New venue in Greenwich!

I'm now teaching at
Linear House
Peyton Place, SE10 8RS
Come and have a free introductory session!

My latest video: why the Alexander Technique is the most effective option for back pain.


I'm currently offering a free 40-minute consultation to people with Parkinson's and their carers. There is more information about Alexander and Parkinson's here.

Email me or call on 020 7928 6378

Alexander Technique event in Spain. Peter Nobes.

I'm teaching Alexander/Mindfulness In 3D at this residential event in Valencia, Spain in July this year.
I'll post more details as they become available, but put the dates in your diary now. :-)

My latest video; Your Wild and Precious Life.

"What we’re learning in Alexander lessons is not bodywork. It's to step outside our patterns, our habits. It’s about getting off autopilot; thinking about things differently; making new choices."

The Alexander Technique with Jeremy Chance and Peter Nobes,

A class/workshop with two teachers who don't do chairwork or semi-supine! 

Saturday March 9th, 3pm to 6:30pm, at the South Bank Alexander Centre.  More information here.

The Alexander Technique: Three-Dimensional Mindfulness.   A workshop for Alexander Teachers and trainees.

Saturday April 6th, 2pm to 5:30pm, at the South Bank Alexander Centre.  More information here.

"Mindfulness in 3D" has  been reviewed favourably in STATNews - the magazine of the mainstream professional body. The review starts "This is a wonderful little book that belongs on everyone's AT bookshelf."

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Alexander Technique
Alexander Technique pregnant
AlexanderTechnique pregnant

I'm offering two-for-one Alexander lessons until the end of February. Book two lessons and pay for one.

Peter Nobes teaching Alexander Technique

I spent a weekend helping train Alexander teachers at Bodythought in Tel Aviv with my good friend Galit Zeif. I signed certificates for two new teachers.

Peter Nobes qualifying Alexander Technique teacher
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I was interviewed on stage at an event organised by the Creative Alliance. I gave another guest - the cool and wise Ellen Thomas - a signed copy of my book.

I got a message from one of my trainee teachers saying he'd "spent ten years in psychotherapy without a therapeutic shift and achieved one within months of doing Alexander Technique. Psychotherapy clarified a lot of things for me but didn't help me to change the way that Alexander Technique has." He also said he'd spent most of his adult life miserable, but is now only miserable when he chooses to be.

I've just booked my flights to Tel Aviv to spend a few days in December helping train Alexander Teachers at BodyThought with my colleagues Galit Zeif and Ravit Dahan.

Alexander Technique in Tel Aviv
Galit Zeif and Peter Nobes

On Sunday one of my trainees graduated.

Alexander Technique teachers
Alexander Technique teachers

We had a couple of short speeches then opened a bottle of champagne. Claire has embodied the Alexander work and is an excellent teacher. She says
"The Alexander Technique has opened my mind and created space for a lot of changes in my life and my work. The AT is a process that teaches non-reactiveness, and a mindful, dynamic awareness that allows me to improvise and enjoy life moment by moment."

Keynote Speech

In October 2016 I gave the Keynote Speech at the Annual Conference of my Professional Body - Alexander Technique International.

You can download a copy here, either in English or in French.

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Free Alexander Technique class - Saturday November 10th, 11 to 1:30.

My November teacher training weekend starts on Friday 9th. On Saturday morning we have an "open house" session - you are welcome to drop in, whether you are a teacher or trainee, "keen amateur" or complete beginner.
Our guest teacher is Penny O'Connor, and there will be at least four other teachers, from ATI and STAT, and, we hope, ITM.